About Us

Every software company will tell you about their decades of development experience, bleeding-edge skillset and uniquely crafted workflow.

We have all of that, and we’re really good at designing and building software. It is in our culture that we differ:

Deep Thinking

We can’t overstate the importance of insight when trying to solve a problem or seize an opportunity. Delving into systems and processes to pick apart weaknesses is an essential part of getting to the root causes and finding the best way forward.

With a clear understanding of the problem or opportunity we then research deeply and analyse potential solutions. We have an open culture of discussion and challenge that helps us test hypothesis and forge the sharpest ideas.

Straight Talking

An essential part of our method is being honest within our team and with our customers.

An open dialogue about projects is the only way to get a successful outcome. And, you can only have an open dialogue if everyone understands the conversation. No hiding behind jargon or burying the awkward bit deep in the notes. Clear communication within the team and with our customers gets projects on-track and keeps them there.

Hard Working

Being smart enough to understand the problem and open enough to discuss it clearly would be pretty useless and very irritating without an ability to do something about it.

Being willing and able closes the loop to deliver results. We don’t shirk from hard work and take pride in finding and building the best solution to the problem.